Why Choose North Carolina?

Why Choose North Carolina?

Why Choose a University in North CarolinaChartered in 1789 as America’s first public university, the University of North Carolina System is well known as one of America’s top university systems. Recently, several of its member schools joined together to form the UNC International Recruiting Consortium – a group of universities especially committed to welcoming international students to their campuses.

The UNC Consortium includes a wide variety of university sizes and locations, all under the umbrella of the University of North Carolina System. In addition to a reputation for world-class teaching, research and scholarship, these universities maintain a strong commitment to support students in achieving academic success.

Consortium universities offer numerous highly-ranked undergraduate and graduate programs of study, including 11 outstanding business programs accredited by the prestigious AACSB. Many students choose to study in traditional STEM fields such as science, computer science, and mathematics, as well as behavioral science fields including sociology, anthropology, and psychology. Education programs are top-notch, including teacher education, educational leadership, K-12 curriculum and instruction, and counseling; educational measurement and ESL teaching are also available. Popular career-focused options include nursing, physical therapy, kinesiology, social work, and environmental science. Visual and performing arts programs are available at many UNC universities, including UNC School of the Arts – a top-ranked conservatory dedicated solely to the arts.

Prospective students will be lured by North Carolina’s excellent business climate – ranked #2 on Forbes’ 2016 “Best States for Business” list. The state’s famed Research Triangle Park (RTP), which serves as home to innovative companies including IBM, Cisco Systems, SAS Institute, Biogen Idec and GlaxoSmithKline, combined with the nation’s third largest banking finance center (headquartered in Charlotte), provide cutting edge internship and professional opportunities to ambitious students and recent graduates. Optional Practical Training (OPT) provides international graduates in F-1 status with the opportunity to stay in North Carolina and work immediately after graduating from a UNC university.

North Carolina’s welcoming communities offer access to the urban amenities that students expect – vibrant arts scenes, contemporary and classical music venues, world-class restaurants and shopping, and myriad amateur and professional sporting events. New York City, Washington D.C., and Miami are all easily accessible from North Carolina’s network of airports, two of which offer international flights daily.

Within North Carolina, our universities span the state, from the Great Smoky Mountains in the West to pristine beaches along the Atlantic Coast. Combined with a moderate climate, this natural beauty is a hit with outdoor enthusiasts, including kayakers, hikers, mountain bikers, and skiers.

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