UNC-IRC Joins US Study State Consortia in Launching “USA: A Study Destination”

The University of North Carolina International Recruitment Consortium joined a group of U.S. study state consortia in celebrating the launch of “USA: A Study Destination” at the 2019 NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo. As a founding member of the national study state consortia organization, the UNC Consortium has been actively involved since its inception. The organization was created with the goals of promoting the U.S. as the premier study destination for international students and strengthening the voice of state consortia at the national level.

National association of US study state consortia launched at NAFSA

Interview with UNCG MBA Student Vishnu Gopinath

Vishnu GopinathName: Vishnu Gopinath
Age: 28
Hometown: Thrissur, India
Undergraduate Major: Mechanical Engineering
University/Program: UNC Greensboro; First-year MBA student
Hobbies: Soccer (Vishnu plays in UNCG’s intramural league)

Vishnu Gopinath opens up to the UNC Consortium’s Eugene Charles about how he came to UNC Greensboro, his experience in the MBA program, and how this experience has helped him grow as a person and professional.

EC: How did you make the decision to study at UNCG?
VG: A family friend who lives in Raleigh told me about North Carolina and the excellent universities here. They recommended several universities to me. When I started digging deeper, I came across several websites that mentioned UNC Greensboro (UNCG) as a “best value for money” school. Apart from that, UNCG was very swift in responding to my application and flexible on some requirements, such as waiving the face-to-face interview. This is something that would have been difficult for me, as I had yet to arrive in the United States. Continue reading “Interview with UNCG MBA Student Vishnu Gopinath”

Advocacy Day

Advocacy Day

North Carolina’s highly ranked colleges and universities are committed to welcoming international students and scholars to our campuses, demonstrated by our state’s strong representation on Capitol Hill at the 2019 NAFSA Advocacy Day. On March 19th the University of North Carolina International Recruitment Consortium joined international educators from across the nation in Washington, D.C. to encourage our elected officials to support policies that contribute to a more globally engaged and welcoming United States. Our UNC Consortium universities understand that international students enrich our classrooms, drive research, and help prepare all of our students to tackle global challenges and succeed in an interconnected world.

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